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What is CNR?

How is CNR Operated?

How does CNR benefit the community?

How do I become involved in CNR?

Does CNR have Mutton Busting?

May I bring my children to the rodeo? Is there a discount or free if under what age?

Does CNR offer a Military Discount?

How long does the rodeo last?

May I bring my dog?

Can I bring food & drinks?

Can I bring a stroller into the rodeo grounds?

Are the seats covered? Do they have backs?

Do you offer group discounts?

Do you offer reserved seating?

How early can we come in? What time does the rodeo start?

What does it cost to park at the rodeo?

Is there handicapped seating available? Handicapped parking?

Can I bring my camera?

Is this a non-smoking event?

What if it rains?

What should I wear to the rodeo?

What other items are not allowed on the rodeo grounds?

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