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Bobbi Hall

Bobbi Hall<br />Miss Caldwell Night Rodeo 2017
Bobbi Hall
Miss Caldwell Night Rodeo 2017
Miss Caldwell Night Rodeo 2017

Hi everyone! I’m Bobbi Hall the 2017 Caldwell Night Rodeo Queen! I am the 18-year-old daughter of Robert and Mickey Hall and reside in Emmett Idaho. I have been around horses for as long as I can remember, competing in 4-H and rodeo events. My entire childhood was spent outdoors either with horses or out hunting and fishing with my family. The way I grew up has inspired me to pursue a career being outdoors. I am currently attending the College of Western Idaho in pursuit of an associate’s degree in biology with emphasis in natural resources. I hope to take this degree and transfer to a four-year university to finish out my education. My future career is to be working in the line of preserving natural resources.

Until then, you will see me traveling to numerous events with my best friend Rondo. He isn’t your usual “friend,” Rondo is a 16-year-old, red dun horse with the sweetest of personalities. We plan to represent Caldwell Night Rodeo in the best manner possible, showing everyone what rodeo is truly about! I would like to thank everyone who has made my queening goals come true! My parents and grandparents have supported me in every aspect possible and I can never thank them enough! Thank you to Caldwell Night Rodeo for helping support me as I represent you to the best of my ablilities.

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Bonnie Crisci

Bonni Crisci<br />Miss Caldwell Night Rodeo 2016
Bonni Crisci
Miss Caldwell Night Rodeo 2016
Miss Caldwell Night Rodeo 2016
Howdy Civies and Rowdies! My name is Bonnie Crisci, the 20 year old daughter of Bill and Suzy Crisci of Caldwell, ID. I am currently pursuing a degree in Veterinary Technology while working as head of the boot department at the Caldwell D&B Supply! It was a dream come true on August 22nd to be crowned Queen at the 81st Caldwell Night Rodeo. Being a Caldwell girl myself, the CNR holds a special place in my heart. It has been such an honor to represent not only one of the top 30 rodeos in the country, but my hometown as well. There’s nothing like rodeo week in Caldwell and I’m so excited to spread the word on how amazing the Caldwell Night Rodeo is. I want to extend the biggest thank you to my friends and family who never let me give up on this dream. Thank you to the amazing Caldwell Night Rodeo board, for giving me this incredible opportunity and one of the greatest adventures of my life. Thank you to my queen coordinator Nikki Zachary, for not only making sure I was where I was needed, but being my friend and supporting me through it all. I can’t wait to see everyone at the 82nd annual Caldwell Night Rodeo where the Cowboys are the Stars!
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Heather Skovgard

Heather Skovgard <br />Miss Caldwell Night Rodeo 2015 <br />Miss Rodeo Idaho 2016
Heather Skovgard
Miss Caldwell Night Rodeo 2015
Miss Rodeo Idaho 2016
Miss Caldwell Night Rodeo 2015 & Miss Rodeo Idaho 2016
On August 16, 2014 at the 80th Annual Caldwell Night Rodeo, Heather Skovgard was crowned Miss Caldwell Night Rodeo. Heather is the daughter of Troy and Julie of Kuna and a graduate of Kuna High School. She is now a graduate of Northwest Nazarene University and has completed an Engineering and Physics Degree. Heather was successful in winning the prestigious Robert’s Family Memorial Horsemanship Buckle which led her to taking home the Miss Caldwell Night Rodeo title. Heather says “As a representative for one of the top PRCA rodeos in the country I am proud to say I represent so much more than a rodeo, I represent the great community of Caldwell. Caldwell Night Rodeo has overcome many obstacles to become the great success it is today. “As Miss Caldwell Night Rodeo 2015, I plan to travel throughout state promoting my community and the rodeo ‘Where the Cowboys are the Stars’. I will dedicate my year to spreading awareness for breast cancer and ‘Put it Down’ a texting while driving program, two causes that I am very passionate about. In July of 2015 Heather won Miss Rodeo Idaho.
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Dusti Olson

Dusti Olson<br />Miss Caldwell Night Rodeo 2013<br />Miss Rodeo Idaho 2015
Dusti Olson
Miss Caldwell Night Rodeo 2013
Miss Rodeo Idaho 2015
Miss Caldwell Night Rodeo 2013 & Miss Rodeo Idaho 2015
Hi ya’ll! I can not explain my amazing year and experiences just from the room that I have to write, but to put it in the best way, it was life changing and unforgettable! Having the privilege and honor to be an ambassador for one of the top 20 rodeos in the nation was SUCH and experience! Caldwell Night Rodeo treated me so well this whole year as their queen. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart sincerely, for the opportunities and amazing year you have given me as your 2013 Miss Caldwell Night.Every name I am about to list off has had a very important part in where I am at today and getting me to the position I am now. For the sake of room I cannot list individual things you have done, but all of your work poured into me never went unnoticed, I sincerely will apply all of it to my life and my future as a professional. BIGGEST thank you to my Family. Mom and Dad, without you guys none of this would have been possible. I am 22 years old now and you have been there every step of the way pushing me and helping me pursue and chase my dreams to become the great young Christian lady you have taught me to be. To Miss CNR 2014, congratulations! But girls, before this contest is over, do NOT forget you are all winners no matter what the outcome. Something I learned is that if you give it your all, pour your heart into anything that comes your way, no matter what place you get, you will have no regrets. Miss CNR 2014, embrace this upcoming year with everything you have. So thank you to everyone! All your love and support has not gone unnoticed and I will see each and every one of you at the Rodeos!!!
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Past CNR Queens

2012 - Alexis Bennett
2011 - Jenna Greenwood
2010 – Leslie Winkelman-Gorman, Caldwell
2009 – No Contest
2008 – Brooke Olson-Bottorff
2007 – Natalie Bish-Quiroz, MRI – 08 Won MRI as CNR Queen
2006 – Jessie Metcalf, Eagle
2005 – Macy Hack, Star
2004 – Stephanie Glore, Horseshoe Bend, MRI – 05 Won MRI as CNR Queen
2003 – Monica Stoddard, Nampa
2002 – Brooke McCuskey, Boise
2001 – Michelle Olsen, Emmett
2000 – Jessica Beutler Campbell, New Plymouth
1999 – Leslie Woolery Willet, Payette
1998 – Jonni Lynch, Kuna
1997 – Theresa Mayer Pearson, Emmett
1996 – Renee Neenhouse, Nampa
1995 – Brandy Horsely Krajnik, Nampa
1994 – Shelley Williams, Kuna, MRI – 98/MRA -99 Won MRI as Twin Falls Western Days
1993 – Margauez Edwards Crockett, Donnelly, MRI – 97 Won MRI as McCall Frontier Days
1992 – Lisa Clark, Boise
1991 – Carrie Johnson Wilson, Star, MRI – 94 Won MRI as DNCFR Queen
1990 – Daneen Lammey Phillips, Caldwell
1989 – Julie Christensen Shoemaker, Meridian, MRI – 92 Won MRI as Snake River Stampede Queen
1988 – Teresa Kraipowich Coleman, Boise
1987 – Rhonda Vedvig Bright, Buhl, MRI – 90 Won MRI as Jerome Queen
1986 – Lisa Lemrick Boggs, Caldwell, MRI – 86 Won MRI as CNR Queen
1985 – Ami Hardin, Eagle
1984 – Neenie Blake Corr, Boise, MRI – 85 Won MRI as CNR Queen
1983 – Myla Meiers Nailon, Boise, MRI – 84 Won MRI as CNR Queen
1982 – Vicki Rutledge Sheilds, Nampa, MRI – 83 Won MRI as CNR Queen
1981 – Lynda Friez Martin, Boise
1980 – Lisa Gustafson Evans, Nampa
1979 – Susan Carter Rood, Boise, MRI – 79 Won MRI as CNR Queen
1978 – Candy Robertson Grossaint, Boise, MRI – 78 Won MRI as CNR Queen
1977 – Melody Farrish Cook, Caldwell
1976 – Melody Farrish Cook, Caldwell
1975 – Peggy Sue, Boise
1974 – Connie Seburn, Caldwell
1973 – Chris Doherty Holmes, Boise, MRI – 74/75
1972 – Janis Wroten, Boise
1971 – Ruth Campbell Schneider, Caldwell, MRI – 71/72 Won MRI as CNR Queen
1970 – Cora Smith, Weiser
1969 – Ericka Schuster, Caldwell
1968 – Marcia Valentine, Crane, OR
1967 – Barbara Townley, Caldwell
1966 – Alice Williams, Caldwell
1965 – Rosemary Vassar Weaver, Caldwell
1964 – Harriet Sharp Gleason, Nampa, MRI – 65/66
1963 – Patty Ann Nally Lodge, Nampa, MRI – 64/65
1962 – Nancy Sheldon, Payette, MRI – 62/63
1961 – Karen Lavens James, Jerome, MRI – 61/62 & MRA
1960 – Donna Fletcher Crow, Nampa, MRI – 60/61
1959 – Carolyn Wylie Cutler, Twin Falls, MRI -59/60
1958 – Susan Cox Stauffer, Lewiston, MRI – 58/59 & MRA
1957 – Kay Weick Dennis, Caldwell , MRI – 57/58
1956 – Karna Thorson, Weiser, MRI – 56/57 (Began MRI Contest in Caldwell)
No mentions of Queen again until 1956
1941 – Bethene Shire
1940 – No Contest
1939 – Ruth Stayner
1938 – Rae Skinner, Jordan Valley, OR
1937 – No Contest
1936 – Jean Hodgson, Notus
1935 – Orphena Hamiliton, Sunny Slope
No mentions of Queen again until 1935
1926 – Mary Skeleton, Caldwell
1925 – Edith Farrar, Caldwell
1924 – Charlotte Davis, Caldwell
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